Geotechnical Services

We offer geotechnical investigations ("soils reports") on an individual quote basis.  We'll need an address, a basic site map with locations of existing and proposed structures, and a description of the proposed structure.  Let us know if you need pavement design values, percolation tests, or other special testing.

Our geotechnical technicians perform foundation excavation inspection, fill monitoring, and field compaction testing for native soil, engineered fill, and aggregate base materials.

Geotechnical Investigations
Special Inspection
Construction Materials Testing
DSA In-Plant Inspection

Special Inspection

We perform special inspection in the following catagories:

  • Concrete reinforcing steel placement   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Concrete placement inspection   (ACI & ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Masonry inspection   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Structural steel & bolting inspection   (ICC-certified inspectors)
  • Welding inspection   (AWS-certified inpectors)
  • Spray-applied fire resistive materials inspection   (ICC-certified inspectors)

Construction Materials Testing

We perform field and laboratory material testing for these items:

  • Soil moisture-density curves for compaction  (ASTM D1557 and CAL-216 methods)
  • Concrete compression strength testing   (ASTM C39 method)
  • Spray-applied fire resistive materials, thickness and density (ASTM E605)
  • Structural steel welder qualifications   (AWS D1.1 specification)

DSA In-Plant Inspection

Our DSA-certified inspectors perform in-plant inspection for modular and relocatable buildings for projects under DSA jurisdiction.  We cover all aspects of in-plant inspection, including AWS Certified Welding Inspectors for structural welding inspection, ACI-certified technicians for concrete-on-deck sampling and testing, and DSA RBIP inspectors.

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